Established almost 3 decades ago, The Montagu Group is Gibraltar’s foremost real estate development company.

The history of the group is a fascinating one that began when Gibraltar, as a territory and as a community, was just starting to adjust to life offering an open gate to neighbouring Spain after many years of isolation due to the closed frontier.

The government of the day was keen to tackle the critical housing situation facing the country. Very few people were homeowners and living conditions for the average Gibraltarian family were notoriously cramped, the allocated housing estates had reached saturation point, and the Ministry of Defence occupied the majority of other land surface available.

There was only one definable solution - to create more land

The first area identified as suitable for such land reclamation was in the Montagu basin. A dedicated group of individual property developers, engineers, entrepreneurs and logistics experts - now destined to join together and form The Montagu Group - were selected to run with this project and the subsequent housing scheme to build over 600 homes on the site. Named Montagu Gardens, this estate provided much needed affordable home ownership on a 50 / 50 share basis with the government. The uptake was phenomenal and another two estates providing almost 1000 additional homes, across the Montagu site and the Harbour Views development, quickly followed this project. By the late 1990’s the group had project managed all of the land reclamation works in Gibraltar and had designed, developed and delivered just shy of 2000 homes.

As the new millennium dawned, the housing market became significantly more sophisticated due to dramatic changes in Gibraltar's status. Boosted by heavy internal and external investment, the Gibraltar finance & gaming hub established far-reaching roots and it quickly became apparent that the requisites of companies migrating to Gibraltar needed taking into account. The creation of luxury accommodation, for those looking to move up the property ladder or simply relocating to Gibraltar, became the focus for the real estate development arm of the group and their partners. Between 2005 and 2010 they successfully brought to market over 450 homes across stunning developments such as Sunset Close, Europlaza, Genista House, The Anchorage and Kings Wharf.

During this intensive period the group also undertook the refurbishment of the Kings Bastion, overseeing the transformation of an old generating station into the contemporary leisure centre enjoyed by thousands today.

Moving forward to 2015, the Montagu Group are currently involved in numerous projects, one of which is the unprecedented Midtown residential, office and commercial development, that spans 4.3 acres in the very heart of Gibraltar. The Midtown development has been designed with an environmental sustainability ethos at its core and the developers mission statement of “Modern Living with Traditional Values” sums up the entire concept of the spacious, high specification apartments, impressive office suites and quality commercial areas.

The first phase of Midtown will be complete in 2017 closely followed by Quay 29 in 2018 and shortly after by Quay 31 and the Coaling Island Project.

Our History

Our Company Directors

  • James Garbarino
  • Nigel Pardo
  • John Bassadone
  • Raphael Benaim